Memory Based Learning Bootcamp: JavaScript Reference

Memory Based Learning Bootcamp: JavaScript Reference
Uses space repetition and challenge system similar to Rosetta Stones and The Pimsleure Methods to help you memorize

Why Memory Based Learning?

Bootcamp that focus on ES6 JavaScript using the same technique as Rosetta Stones, Insanity, and Pimsleur Method .

This week, we will take your coding to a higher level by focusing on node.js. I need you to memorize them. Therefore, I will force them upon you. Respect the process and you will be alright.

Memory Based Learning Boot Camp Method Statement:

Our method is to focus on what you may consider as difficult first. That is why we start by teaching the back end side of programming. Then we slowly progress into teaching you the front ends. It is important that you follow our learning process. Because, many students are used to first learning html, css, etc. You become a master at those basic part of programming and you start to fear the rest. Our method asks you to face your fears. We will be with you as you do.

Our Curriculum is as follow:

Memory Based Learning: JavaScript References

Memory Based Learning: Node.js

Memory Based Learning: Express.js

Memory Based Learning: MongoDB and Mongoose

Memory Based Learning: Git and Github

Memory Based Learning: React and Redux

Memory Based Learning: NPM Open Source Projects

Memory Based Learning: Python

Memory Based Learning: Blockchain and Bitcoin

**Here are a few problems with learning with online tutorials:

here’s how I tackle these challenges.

As you can see, this course is a challenge. I will challenge you to set aside the norms. And focus on my strategy. Respect the process and  you will be alright.

Who is the target audience?


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