Learn and Understand Angular and NodeJS- A Developers Course

Learn and Understand Angular and NodeJS- A Developers Course
Angular Course for Beginners - Learn JavaScript, Understand NodeJS and Angular 7 by Building and Deploying a Web App

Create Beautiful and fast web applications using the latest technologies like Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB and Express

These four technologies are the parts of the famous MEAN stack pattern and they can help you to build a full stack application and of course become a full stack developer.

Use the Angular as your front-end framework, benefit from it by building a beautiful UI and a super fast application. After that connect it to your NodeJS server and finally communicate with MongoDB a super flexible database to fetch and save your data.

Refresh your Memory

This is not an Angular course and i expect from you to have a basic knowledge of the framework but still i try to explain everything we do step by step.

In this course Markos Klinakis will take you from the hand and guide you to the MEAN world and build together a real web application using and explaining these fantastic four technologies.

Every section in this course is seperated and explained also seperately. We explain each technology in the beggining of the section and then we dive into our project for the specific part. This will help you to understand better each of these four and in the end we will see how to combine all these parts.

Learning Topics of this course:

  • Build our own Login System from Scratch with NodeJS

  • Use Express framework together with NodeJS

  • Build components that can be reused with Angular and see how reactive our page will be

  • Connect third-party libraries and frameworks to our Angular app like Angular Material, Bootstrap, ngx-bootstrap, MomentJS

  • Create Endpoints with NodeJS and then send requests to them with Angular Requests

  • Explain how to Upload Images and fetch them back

  • Make your Application more secure by implementing Users, Authentication as well as Authorization

  • Implement beautiful tables using Angular Material and add Pagination

  • And a lot more…!

This course will dive deeper and we will not stay to begginer levels.

Far from basics!

In most courses here on Udemy you will learn a lot but only a few dive deeper and close to real web app. You will a lot in this course and you’ll see some real-time problems that you may face later on as Software Engineer and a Software Developer.

Who should take this course?

  • Basic NodeJS and Angular Experience is strongly recommended and it will help you a lot

  • You should be familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics

  • MongoDB (+ Mongoose) knowledge is a plus as MongoDB will be used in this course but won’t be subject of in-depth explanations

  • NO expert or advanced knowledge on any of these topics is required or assumed

By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own MEAN Stack Application!!!

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for everyone that is interested to find a new job as developer. You will learn a lot and after this course you will be in position to get a job.
  • With this course we dive deeper in these technologies and not covering only some basics, so it’s good if you search something different
  • Everyone who is interested to build a modern full-stack application with latest technologies
  • Students and begginers who want to do some exercise with these latest technologies
  • Everyone that want to understand how to connect all these pieces and deploy to a real Web Server


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